The Lotuses in Nitai's Form ASMR 🎵


My first Nitai's form ASMR 24-bit 96Khz wav audio. Go raptestly deep in Nitai's form by hearing my Nitairoopmoy whispering for Harinamsiddhi. This audio is the Summit 🌋 of All Vocal Hearing. Goosebumps caused by intimate close-up remembrance of Nitai's form guaranteed by repeated hearing.

Play: Audio or via the floating looping offline player on the bottom right. This audio is rich with the meditation of Nitai's form.

Download: Audio [Play offline on loop in VLC (Android, iOS) for the best sound quality].

This is the first vocal audio in my life which is more powerful in inducing Nitairoopdhyan than even the deepest flute, kirtans, bhajans, etc. When they were here, Jahnava dasi prabhavi and Vasudha dasi prabhavi had already felt that my whispering guided Nitairoop meditation kathas were the deepest and topmost. Nitai.

Nitai's Lotus Face

Directly uploading, sharing, and playing this audio in most social, chat, and even music and podcast player applications like Youtube, etc. reduces its Nitairoopdhyan-inducing efficacy. So kindly share the link to this page and not the actual audio file for sharing the deepest Nitairoopdhyan possible by hearing.